In the first conversation with the educational staff at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, which took place in our backyard, we already realized that we had a lot to learn and do.

In addition to the fact that we are two cultural spaces that work in the tension-expansion of art and education, we had in common the experience of being in Casas. One, located on Avenida Faria Lima. Another, in front of Água Branca Park.

And this is not just a coincidence. It is a daily choice that asks us to speak from the house, to narrate the “House”, to be in the house, to look at the house with the eyes of a resident and also a visitor.

And what else do we have in common besides being historic homes and art educators?

The desire to make a home. The desire for conversation, above any previous position or walk. The desire to respect what is happening in the body during the conversation. The desire to seek words for the discomforts that invade us at all times.

And, in one of these conversations, we noticed a discomfort like that and decided to touch him, bring him close. Maybe we were indoors too much, maybe we weren’t communicating with the street as we’d like.

Some time ago, we realized that the sidewalk on the other side of the street was the one chosen by people to walk on; in other words, busier than the sidewalk that gave access to Casa Tombada.

And that was the challenge proposed at the meeting between A Casa Tombada and the Museu da Casa Brasileira: make a home on the other side of the street. Face across the street. Talking to people passing by, asking questions, listening to the house that each one brought with them. In a delicate, poetic way, with time.

For A Casa Tombada, this was a unique experience with no return. As we crossed the street with the educators from the Museu da Casa Brasileira, we began to look at Casa Tombada in a different way. We started to want to take care of the surrounding narratives, to realize that a house is made up of encounters and movements towards the other.

Text produced by Casa Tombada.


_Below images of the work process and also of the installation carried out at Casa Tombada:


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