Edition: 34th Design Award (2021)
Category: Furniture
1st Place | Registration: 2021-2-00145
Design/Author: Giulia Motti, Felipe Aranega, Fernando Falkiewicz, Rachel Hoppe, Rafaella de Bona
Office: Product Library
Production: Habitable

Text from the Jury: Flexible and motivating solutions are increasingly needed to meet children’s leisure and education. Although there are already similar solutions for children’s furniture in the world, it is something little worked on in the national market. Multiple functionalities for the same piece of furniture are adequate and, moreover, “grow” with the user or serve the multitude of different users.

The solution presented was awarded for leaving the common place and filling a space that proved to be more evident to meet the current situation of pandemic with quality, standing out for the easy handling provided to users.

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