MCB announces judging committee of Poster Contest – 33rd Design Award

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The Museu da Casa Brasileira has just released the judging committee of the Poster Contest – 33rd MCB Design Award. Registration is open until March 26 through the Museum’s website.

The jury will be coordinated by Gustavo Piqueira, graphic designer in front of Casa Rex and one of the most awarded in Brazil, with almost 500 international design awards. He has already been ahead in two other editions and says that “one was completely different from the other: no matter how we build expectations and anticipated desires, in the end what will tone the contest is really the set of pieces. Our task as jurors begins with the analysis of this set. It starts as a reaction to the pieces sent, “he adds, saying that the winner needs to have” intelligent reasoning, precise execution “and reveals his expectations for the contest” I also hope that the works will not follow any trend or inspiration, because I would like the participants to follow visually materialize their own ways. ”

Complementing the commission, Tereza Bettinardi, graphic designer co-founder of The Free School, educational project in graphic design and coordinator of the Graphic Design course of the British School of Creative Arts [EBAC]; Vanessa Queiroz, designer, director of ADGBrasil – Graphic Design Association and co-founder partner of Colletivo Studio; Gil Tokio, illustrator, teacher, designer, cartoonist, partner of the studio Pingado and professor of the European Institute of Design and the Quanta Academy of Arts; and Celso Hartkopf, designer, illustrator, comic artist and creator of the collaborative art and urban intervention Mutirão. He was the winner of the poster contest of the 32nd Design Design Museum of the Brazilian House (2018).

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