Meet the judging panel of the Poster Contest – 34th Design Award of the Casa Brasileira Museum.

Designer graduated from FAU-USP. He took a master’s degree at the same university and taught in the FAAP architecture course and in the undergraduate and postgraduate latu sensu of the design course at Senac.

She was co-founder of ADG Brasil and director in 3 terms. He was vice-president of Icograda for two terms (2003-2005 and 2005-2007). She has participated in several national and international design contests, mainly poster design, as a judge: Bio (Slovenia), 4th Block (Ukraine), Poster for Tomorrow (France), ADG Biennial (Brazil) and Design Award Poster Contest MCB (Brazil).

He is a member of the presidency of the Bienal Iberoamericana de Design (Madrid) since 2007, and collaborates with Poster 4 Tomorrow (Paris), in addition to acting as a designer in his Infinito Studio (São Paulo).

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