Edition: 34th Design Award (2021)
Category: Published written works
Honorable Mention | Registration: 2021-2-00184
Organizers: Maria do Carmo Gonçalves Curtis, Marcos da Costa Braga
Teaching Institution: Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Publisher: Visual Brand

Jury Text: The publication follows the previous trilogy of productions related to the rescue of design stories from other states. It brings together academic works and researches, bringing together narratives developed from a rigorous methodology that involves “notions of micro-history and oral history” about the performance of an “extensive and heterogeneous range of professionals”. The chapters prepared as texts, by multiple authors, trace a particular scenario rich in their specificity, whose diversity includes reflections on the signs of cultural hybridism in furniture production, studies on typography and editorial design, trajectories of traditional companies in the region and a design office, as well as a study on the beginnings of adopting the use of computers in the training of designers and their performance in a state-owned company. The undeniable legacy left by the work on themes and issues that are so dear and rarely addressed in accessible publications such as this one stands out, whether due to the didactic nature of the reflections, the less sophisticated and, therefore, more accessible editorial option, or even the examples that illustrate each research. key to each chapter, with which unusual readers will be able to identify, as many have experienced these stories.

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