Edition: 34th Design Award (2021)
Category: Published written works
3rd Place | Registration: 2021-2-00140
Design/Author: Dijon Moraes Júnior
Publisher: Blucher

Jury text: In this work, Dijon de Moraes revisits his individual trajectory in a very special way. The book is developed in the “written” format, announcing a set of texts formulated by the author about his own training and professional performance, in this case, bringing together reflections on design from a personal and authorial narrative, whose structure adopts chronology as a criterion for development. The twelve chapters present the narrator’s life and work trajectory and bring together data and facts from childhood/adolescence; the university course in Industrial Design at FUMA; from the first activities as a designer; the beginning of his work as a professor and the creation of the office; experiences and studies during postgraduate studies in Italy and reports of experience in university management in two terms as dean of UEMG.

The gaze that gropes the memory through habitual or iconic objects, environments or equipment, in intimate or public spaces, acts as a kind of invitation to the reader, who also starts to search for “design signs” in his memory, contemporary or not that of the writer. Due to its long-standing relationship with design in Brazil, the book ends up playing an important role in the historical construction of professional training in the field of design, which not only narrates its involvement, but the very constitution of the field itself.

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