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Poster Contest – 34th MCB Design Award

Can I register more than 1 work in the contest?
Yes, it is possible to register as many works as you wish. Each work corresponds to an entry, in the amount of R $ 54.00.

Can I register or recover my password from a registration made in previous years?
Yes. The registrations made since the 2017 edition can be accessed and updated.

I signed up, but my poster has more than one author. Where do I enter the other names?
In the registration form there will be a field for filling in all the authors. The MCB emphasizes that all of them will have the same importance, with no single name standing out.

How do I pay the registration fee?
After completing the registration, you will be directed to home where you can select the registration you want to pay. The fee payment process, in the amount of R $ 54.00, is carried out through PagSeguro. The modalities: credit, boleto or bank transfer will be available.

I am a student, how do I get the 50% discount?
To obtain a 50% discount on the registration fee, the student must normally enroll in the competition system by selecting the option ‘student discount registration’, filling in the data relating to the educational institution correctly and attaching proof of link to an institution ( example: student card, monthly payment slip, newsletter). It is important that the document is valid during the Poster Contest registration period.

Until what day can I pay the registration fee?
Payment must be made no later than April 2. Payments after this date will not be considered by the MCB, even if they are accepted by the bank, making it impossible to participate in the Poster Contest for the 34th Design MCB Award.

I opted for payment by bank slip, but the document has expired. How do I pay?
Participants who choose to pay by bank slip must stick to the expiration date. This document will be available for up to 3 (three) business days after it has been generated. Once this period has expired, it will be necessary to access the registration system and place a new payment request. Payments by boleto must be made by April 2, even if they have a later due date.

What is the deadline for updating the payment status in the system?
Within 3 (three) business days after payment of the registration fee, a message from Pagseguro will be sent to the registered email confirming the transaction. You will be able, regardless of receiving this confirmation, to monitor the status of your subscriptions through your registration.

What do I do after paying for my registration?
You must send the printed version of the poster to the MCB headquarters, located at Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2705, São Paulo, by 6 pm on April 7, 2020. Otherwise, the piece will not participate in the selection process. It is also important to deliver the “donation and assignment of use term”, a model of which is available in the registration system and in the contest rules.

Can the MCB logo ruler be changed? Is there a usage rule?
The logos rule provided may not have the proportions changed (sizes and distances between brands). It can be resized and must be large enough to ensure readability. For more information check the MCB logo usage manual included in the file with the logos.

What are the evaluation criteria for the Poster Contest?
The posters sent to the contest will be analyzed using criteria such as: concept; clarity of communication; visual impact; originality and technical feasibility. The ease of production and distribution of the poster by post will be an evaluation criterion that will guide the choice of the winning work.

How will the Poster Contest be evaluated this year?
Exceptionally for this edition, the delivery of the printed poster was canceled and the evaluation will be made by the judging commission in digital form. Authors must submit the artwork in static format (JPG) in the registration system itself.

Can I enter posters with dynamic arts?
The MCB may make it possible to produce the printed poster for later distribution and participants must submit the arts in static format (JPG) for the contest.

What should the poster format for the Contest be?
The gear must be sent in a format proportional to the size in which it is can be printed (46 x 64 cm) later by the MCB. They must have vertical art, static format, JPG extension and maximum 2MB. They must be possible to be reproduced by the MCB on paper and CMYK scale.

Is there a theme or recommendations to guide the production of the poster?
According to the regulation, the poster that will give rise to the visual identity of the 34th edition of the Design Museum of the Brazilian House Award must present a dynamic visual concept and reflect, with creativity, the identity of Brazilian design and consider that, in this edition, it will be prioritized institutional concern with the social function of design.

How should I deliver the Term of Use?
The Term of Assignment of Use must be filled out by the author responsible for the registration and sent by email to until April 20. Exceptionally in this edition, scanned documents or digital signatures will be accepted

What is the difference between the term of ‘registration’ and ‘delivery of printed poster’?
The ‘registration’ term is the registration period for information regarding each registration. This step allows the insertion of information such as authors, educational institution, design office, technical description and sending the digital version of your poster. After this step, your registration number will be generated and you will be able to pay the fee. This stage must be completed by March 26th. The delivery of the printed poster and the mandatory “donation and transfer of use term” must be made until 6 pm on April 7th. Due to security measures and containment to the spread of Covid-19, exceptionally for this edition, the delivery of the printed poster was canceled and the evaluation will be made by the judging commission in digital form.
We request that the Terms of Use Assignment be completed and forwarded by email to until April 20.

Can I pay for multiple registrations through a single payment?
Yes. To do this, simply select the subscriptions and click on ‘make payment’. Then, you will be directed to PagSeguro to complete the process. Important: registrations for which payment has already been made cannot be deleted from the system.

Is it possible to register a poster with several authors?
Yes, it is possible to register up to 15 authors per poster, one of whom must be responsible for registering in the Design Award system. In addition to the authors, at the registration stage it is also possible to insert the name of the office (if there is any link) and the credit of the image used, such as photographers or illustrators. The MCB emphasizes that all authors will have the same importance, so there is no prominence for a single name.

I participate in the MCB Friends Program, how do I get the 50% discount?
When joining the MCB Friends Program, the member receives an email with the Program’s virtual card and a discount code for the current Design Award contest, which must be inserted at the time of registration, selecting the option “registration discount partner”. It is also necessary to insert a supporting document (ex: the PDF of the virtual card). For more information, access the Design Award Regulation at

Is inserting the image credit mandatory?
If images / illustrations / works belonging to third parties are used, the ‘credit (authorship) of the image’ field must be filled in informing the authorship. In this case, authorizations for the use of the image signed by the respective authors must also be submitted.

What information should be entered in the “technical description” field?
In this field, only technical information related to the production of the poster should be inserted: typography used, weight and type of paper, type of printing, special finishes, among other pertinent information. This information is accessed only by the contest organizing team. This information is accessed only by the contest organizing team.

If my poster has images of third parties, do I have to deliver a document that proves the rights to the image?
Yes! According to item 15.11 of the competition rules, posters that use, in whole or in part, images whose copyright belongs to third parties (such as photographs, drawings, etc.), must have authorization to use the image signed by the holders of the patrimonial copyright of the images, which must also authorize the development of graphic pieces by the House, in accordance with the Poster and the images contained therein, for any purpose, at the sole discretion of the House. It is the participant’s responsibility to collect and deliver the appropriate authorizations, exempting the House from any claim in this regard.

Who is the contact for any questions or problems with registration?
For more information, send an email to

Service Registration:
34th MCB Design Award
May 20th to August 4th
Registration fee:
R$ 98.00. 50% discount for students and 25% for MCB Friends
through the website

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Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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