Coleção Bem Brasil

Edition: 31st Design Award (2017)
Category: Textiles
Design/Author: Nara Evangeline Guichon Ferrari

Jury Text: The Bem Brasil Collection proposes a simple weaving and construction process for fabric, with reuse of textile industry waste and polyamide yarn from fishing. According to the author: “it is a collection of sustainable fabrics, as it is composed of polyamide fishing nets, noble textile industry discards (linen, cotton and silk) and elements of Brazilian nature. Polyamide fishing nets are a threat to marine life (about 100,000 animals die annually because of improper disposal). Also: “beads made from polished coconut shells, stones, bamboo and Brazilian seeds were added”. In addition to addressing sociocultural and sustainability issues, the final products (fabrics) also present significant aesthetic effects.

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