The Education MCB has one of its actuation axes to establish close contact with teachers and educators. To enable this approach, regular meetings are held to present the Museum and its related issues, as a way of integrating the MCB to the educational processes to an interdisciplinary action.

Among the actions taken, there is the meeting with educators, with ongoing issues since 2012. In 2015, participated in the initiative about 30 teachers per week, where they could get to know the Museum and its themes on a visit in which contents were discussed regarding the collection MCB and the long-term exhibition “The House and the City – Crespi-Prado Foundation”.

In 2016, these formative meetings will be expanded through two new partnerships with the EMF Desembargador Amorim Lima and the EMEI Pérola Ellis Byington.

If you are a teacher or educator and is interested in training in the Museu da Casa Brasileira, contact the education team: (11) 3026.3913 or