Outras Percepções

The inclusion program promoted by the “Museu da Casa Brasileira” started in 2007 with the “Programa Educativo para Públicos Especiais” (PEPE). The success of the action with groups of people with disabilities caused the project to widen also to the public of high social vulnerability. This provides a constant formation of MCB educational staff, making the knowledge gained from experienced practice and their reflections multiplied for all other groups. 

The MCB’s inclusion program makes visits in partnership with institutions to the public generally neglected and deprived of the full exercise of their rights. Through playful workshops, the proposal is to work thematic worked by the museum added to the needs presented by each group, thereby seeking its features and capabilities. Through an approach focused on experience, the proposal is to expand the cultural visitor repertoire and foster notions of belonging in relation to the museum and cultural spaces. 

In 2015, the Educational staff of MCB built an important partnership with Ciam (Israeli Center for Multidisciplinary Support), in which regular activities have been developed, all Fridays, with residents of the institution. The march “Zen Comments”, which was part of the action “Sonhar o Mundo” articulated by the Secretaria da Cultura do Estado de São Paulo, was a highlight among the activities where participants took to the streets to talk about human rights. Click here to see the result of this action. 

In 2016, in addition to continued work with Ciam, the Museum also promoted activities in partnership with the charity OAT (Sheltered Work Shop). The group consisted of young people and adolescents with intellectual disabilities (ICDP) and participated in activities with the theme of identity linked to the poetic house, dwelling, an important axis of research on the Education MCB team. 

The meetings took place on Wednesdays. If you participate in an institution and are interested in carrying out activities with the MCB, please contact us: (11) 3026.3913 or