Collection of Museu da Casa Brasileira

Archival collection
Comprised by the Archive of the Brazilian Household Equipment – Ernani Silva Bruno’s Archive, it has 28 thousand records containing travelers’ reports, fictional literature, family inventories and wills that reveal the cultural habits of the Brazilian house. 

Museological collection
The museum collection can be visited in two long-term exhibitions:

The Remanescentes da Mata Atlântica & Acervo MCB, presents photographic and textual panels that relate the various types of wood from the MCB collection to the several native species found in the Atlantic Forest.

‘A Casa e a Cidade – Coleção Crespi-Prado’ shows the residential use of the property that now houses the museum, built between 1942 and 1945, and its insertion in a territory of the city that witnessed major urban transformations in the first half of the 20th century.

Composed of works that belong to the Crespi-Prado Foundation and have been lending in the MCB since 2011, the occupation of the interior is portrayed by photographs, furniture and objects that reveal habits of the couple, such as offering celebrated dinners and collecting art objects such as porcelain and silverware from different regions of the world, alongside works by Di Cavalcanti, Portinari and Brecheret.

Click here and check out the works on display in the museum’s long-term exhibits, filtering the items by century and by the collections MCB or FCP (Crespi-Prado Foundation).

Research / Bibliographic Collection
Since 2006, the MCB has a Documentation Center. Composed by a collection of bibliographical material that supports technical and institutional research activities, as well as for external researchers, it consists of books, reference works, monographs, theses, dissertations, leaflets and catalogs in the areas of Architecture, Design, History of Culture , Material Culture and Museology.

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