Collection of Museu da Casa Brasileira

The Museum of Brazilian House has both archival and museological collections. The archival collection comprises the database ‘Brazilian House’s Equipment: Practices and Traditions – Ernani Silva Bruno Archives’ (in Portuguese, ‘Equipamentos da Casa Brasileira, Usos e Costumes – Arquivo Ernani Silva Bruno’), indexing 28,000 files of handwritten travelers accounts, fictional literature, inventories and family wills related to historical aspects of Brazilian housing.

The museological collection presents a sample on view at MCB (‘MCB Collection’, photo) featuring representative furniture and objects of typical Brazilian houses from the 17th century to the present time, and the exhibit ‘The House and The City – Crespi-Prado Collection’ that comprises pieces owned by the original dwellers of MCB promises, the couple Fábio Prado e Renata Crespi.

In the museological navigation menu, there are current available the objects on view at the long term exhibitions mentioned above (‘MCB Collection’ and ‘The House and The City – Crespi-Prado Collection’). By accessing this web site area, the visitor can filter items by time and collection (MCB or FCP, Crespi-Prado Foundation). In a near future, there will also be possible to search pieces by typology. A third step is to make available the whole collection, including those pieces maintained in technical reserve.    

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